Traveling The Americas

Learning about some of the most beautiful parts of the world would greatly enhance your appreciation for the things around you and the wildlife that people tend to take for granted. In fact, it is very common for people to lack awareness about some of the notable pieces of land that are considered to be natural treasures all around the world. If you lack an understanding of these environments, it would be very difficult to appreciate almost anything that you come across in the world. Moving from day to day without taking in any of the beauty that the world has to offer may be something that you have done in the past, but you do not have to make this mistake in the future. Instead, you may want to educate yourself about some of the most popular nature destinations and this could open up your desire to explore the most amazing environments in the world today. This could be an opportunity you could take after getting married at a wedding venues near hemel hempstead for a honeymoon.

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North America, in particular the U.S.A has many beautiful landscape and wildlife, from the Giant red woods in California to the stunning blue ridge mountain northern Carolina and down the tropics of Florida or the desert of Big Bed national park in the state of Texas.

Florida is the Caribbean of the U.S.A. All year round tropical weather, huge beaches and giant spawns. Florida is a place to visit, with people coming from all over the world to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. But the real attraction are holidays in orlando, the home of Disney world Orlando. Children and adults alike, who love Disney flock to the park to enjoy the magic. Boasting rides from rollercoaster to log-flumes, the park has everything. Hotels on site or off site with transport opposing avavible. Florida is a great destination that the whole family can enjoy. 

The blue ridge mountains are part of the Appalachian mountains stretching from Georgia to Pennsylvania. The Name of the Blue Ridge comes from isoprene being released into the atmosphere creating a blue haze to the land. The blue ridge mountains has been the inspiration of many songs from small bands to big names like Dolly Parton. Many tourist are dawn to the mountains as they make for great hiking and walking. The forest contain many different Fauna from Black Bears to wild turkeys. And the trees are many stunted oak and oak-hickory and also some pine trees. These trees are great for timber and so the forestry industries have also been dawn in because of the large amounts of woodland providing trees for lumber.

Big Bed is the largest protected area found in the United States. In fact, this area is larger that the amount of space that makes up the state of Road Island.  Artifacts that have been found here have been shown to be more than 9,000 years old. This park is home to more than 12,000 plant species, 56 species of reptile and 75 spies of mammals. Anyone that visits this part would be amazed by the range of wildlife that is found here. If you are a person that has a desire to see animals in their natural environment, you would find that this can be one of the best experiences that is available in the state of Texas. In fact, many photographers come here to shoot on a daily basis for the purpose of capturing amazing high quality images of the many different birds that are found here. You probably are aware that this park is well known for the location and proximity that it offers between Mexico and the United States.

Leaving the U.S.A and heading south means going to Mexico. The Home of the Aztecs and once ruled by the spanish, Mexico is a land of many different beauties. Hot dry deserts in the north and large jungles in the south. pleasure beach in the east on the carbbinean sea and fantastic sea fishing in the west. Mexico is great place for adventure with plenty of sighs to see. 

From Mexico and heading across south America may also be something that you want to consider doing in order to see more of the world and cultures that you have not had the pleasure of exploring in the past. Doing this would be a great idea because there are so many beautiful sights that are worth taking in as you travel across South America. The low cost of living also means that you would have the ability to secure some amazing luxury experiences and leave with a lot of great photos when you head home.